Preparing Your Car for Summer

Summer heat can be hard on your vehicle. This is why it makes sense to prepare your car for summer. It will not only ensure a trouble-free summer but will also ensure you do not face any unwanted problems. Here is a look at how you can keep your car in top condition this summer.

Top Up Fluids

The first thing you need to do is ensure all fluids are properly topped up. So, be sure to check engine oil levels and also check for brake fluids and power-steering fluids.

Check the Battery

If your car battery is a few years old, then it could easily have trouble holding its charge. Make sure you test your battery at a garage, and if it is not in good shape, replace it. Also, make sure that there is no buildup of corrosion on the terminals of your battery.

Check Wiper Blades

In rainy weather, you want to make sure that the wiper blades are in good working order. If your old wiper blades do not make proper contact with the windshield, you will need to replace them with a new set.

Inspect the A/C

To stay cool in the summer heat, you need to make sure that the air conditioning system is in proper working condition. It the vents are not blowing air through the dirty vents, you must fix this and also, check and fix leakages.

Change Engine Oil

It is also a good idea to change engine oil every 3000 miles. Your car’s manual will guide you as to when the oil needs to be changed.

Prepare for Emergencies

In the summer, you may have to deal with various emergencies like flat tires and break downs. One way to be prepared for such eventualities is by having spare tires and flares as well as flashlights and a pair of jumper cables.

Protect your Car Paint

The summer heat and rain can also harm your car’s paint. So, make sure you wash your car well and apply wax before the onset of summer. When parking the vehicle, ensure that it is not parked in direct sunlight.

Inflate the Tires

Your car tires should also have the right pressure. Any pressure problem can make your vehicle less than safe, and of course, it will also adversely affect your car’s fuel economy. So, make sure the tires have the right pressure.

Get an Engine Tune-up Done at a Garage

Last but not least, take your vehicle to a garage for a tune-up. This ensures that all cylinders are properly firing. Once this is done, you can then think about taking a long summer drive.

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Source: Ford