Can the New Ford MachE Compete with Tesla?

The new Ford MachE and the Tesla Model Y are both electric vehicles that will be stepping into the automobile market for sale in 2020. Tesla has so far been the last word on EVs. Can the Ford MachE break Tesla’s hegemony in the electronic vehicle segment? We are yet to find out. However, you can look at our comparison of both these vehicles below.

Ford MachE vs Tesla Model Y

Size – While not much is known about the Tesla Model Y’s exact specifications, its body is supposed to be modelled after Tesla’s Model 3 range, i.e., 184.8 inches in length. In comparison, the Ford MachE will span a length of 186 inches.

Battery Life – The Ford MachE is expected to beat the Tesla Model Y in battery capacity as well, with a rating of 98.8 kWh, along with extended range battery. Tesla Model Y’s battery capacity can only be estimated from its Model 3’s specifications as information regarding the same has not been directly released. A total capacity of 75 kWh can be expected for long-range performance.

Charging Speed – The Tesla Model Y begins to get an edge over the Ford MachE with the charging speed. Estimations gleaned from the Model 3 note that the Model Y will have a charging speed of 250 kWh. The Ford MachE is said to have a charging speed of 150 kWh.

Horsepower – The Tesla Model Y can be expected to produce over 400 hp when compared to the 332 hp made possible by the Ford MachE. 

Acceleration – The Ford MachE wins this round with the ability to reach full acceleration within  3 seconds. The Tesla Model Y will take at least 3.5 seconds for the same.

Both the Ford MachE and Tesla Model Y are expected to travel a maximum range of 300 miles. They will also be equipped with the Semi-autonomous Driver Assistance System, which will help the driver with smart braking, acceleration, and steering.

According to us, the Ford MachE is a smarter buy over Tesla’s Model Y. Ford has only just stepped into the EV segment and will not want to disappoint its existing customers with substandard facilities. Come check out the Ford MachE’s good looks and smart specs at Montgomery Ford in Troy, NC. It is one of the best Ford dealerships in Troy, NC. 

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Source: Ford