Ready to Trade-in? Read These Tips First!

Do you wish to purchase a new vehicle while you're short on funds? Why worry when you have something that you can trade-in to your car dealership in Troy, NC? No points for guessing, we’re talking about your old car. Many dealerships allow their buyers to trade-in their current/old vehicles. 

Montgomery Ford Lincoln's Vehicle Trade-In Tips
To encourage you to tip the scale in your favor, we present a few tips that you can follow before trading in your old car near Southern Pines, Abermarle, and Asheboro. 

1. Prepare Your Old Car
The first and probably the most significant thing that any dealer will note is your car’s condition. To obtain the most reasonable deal on your used car in Troy, NC, you need to get it in good shape. Before bringing your vehicle to the dealership, thoroughly inspect it. Look for and fix dents and dings and remove your personal articles and junk from the interior. 

Top up the engine oil and other essential fluids that include brake fluid, coolant, steering oil, and washer fluid. Vacuum clean the interior and wash it. If you detect any severe problems, request your mechanic to take a look. 

Once all repair issues are addressed, go on a drive. During the drive, take note of unnatural feedback, if any. If anything does not seem right, talk to your mechanic in Troy, NC.

2. Collect Important Vehicle Documents 
During the process of trading in, the dealer’s team will ask you to provide important documents like the registration, title, dealer receipts, and repair bills. These documents will assist you to prove your ownership and claim that you have exercised good care of the vehicle. To avoid any last-minute chaos, collect these documents several days before the successful day. 

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