Top 5 Ford Vehicles for Traveling Long Distances

 Looking to buy a Ford car in Troy? If yes, you’ve come to the right place. Here is our pick of the top 5 cars for long-distance travel. 

1. Ford 2020 Mustang GT Convertible
No list about the best road trip cars can start without a homage to the iconic 2020 Mustang GT Convertible. This stunning speedster is super-powerful and extremely comfortable. 

The GT Convertible comes with the most hi-tech dash and controls. The speakers are phenomenal offering immense clarity of sound. Safety-wise the brakes and other features are spot-on. Perfect for highway drives.  

2. Ford EcoSport
When it comes to a good mini-SUV choice for long drives, you shouldn’t ignore the Ford EcoSport. The car is extremely stylish and offers plenty of room to stretch your legs. The car is fitted with state-of-the-art entertainment and navigation systems, which are designed to make your long journeys enjoyable. The seats are plushy and easy on the back. 

It’s safe to say that your family will love the drive in this car. 

3. Ford F-150
Being a full-size pickup, the F-150 packs a big punch when it comes to making long-haul journeys. One of the most powerful Ford models on the market, the F-150 is perfect when your long drive happens to be on wild and untamed terrains. The state-of-the-art safety and comfort features make the car ideal for distances. The car can tow a whopping 13,200 pounds and can safely pull a small-size camper. 

4. Ford Ranger

Another pickup – but a compact one this time – the Ford Ranger offers a similar level of driving comfort as the F-150 when you hit the road. Its turbocharged engine ensures you’re never stranded anywhere and with its excellent hauling capacity (7500 pounds – highest in the segment) - you can take along your bikes, kayaks, speed boats and anything else you may need. The interiors are spacious and ensure the little ones have room to move. 

5. Ford Expedition
The best long-distance car on this list has to be the Ford Expedition. This V6 engine-fitted large SUV offers both comfort and power during the drive. The car is perfect for large families and comes with a trunk space of 20.9cu-ft with the three rows up. Additionally, it can tow up to 9000 pounds, which is really impressive. If you’d like to try the Ford Expedition in Southern Pines, Abermarle or Asheboro, contact Montgomery Ford today. We are reputed Ford dealers in Troy FL. 

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