How to Check if Your Vehicle is Under Recall

There is nothing to worry about when you find out that your vehicle is under recall. The process is simple, and it happens quite often. We all know about the Ford recall check that made all the headlines not so long ago. It is not uncommon for an automaker to send a recall notice through email, snail mail, or even over the phone. Read on if you want to know how to check if your vehicle is under recall.

Check for Recalls

A vehicle recall happens whenever the automaker or the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) decides that a particular car or truck model or even several models have developed a defect that affects its safety. When buying a new vehicle, you should check if that model had a safety recall in the past. It is doubly important that you check this when buying a used vehicle. Remember that you could be in danger if you went ahead and purchased a vehicle with an open recall.


To check if your vehicle is under recall, you can use the vehicle’s VIN or Vehicle Identification Number. You should do this at least twice a year. The VIN is a seventeen-digit number that is unique - just like your fingerprint. Your vehicle’s VIN number is pasted on the front of the engine and on the chassis, and elsewhere on the vehicle. Use this VIN to check the database maintained by the NHTSA. If the search does not show up anything, it means there is no recall. If there are open recalls, then you need to call your dealer.

Book an Appointment with a Local Dealer

Recall works are performed by local dealers. You can schedule an appointment with them. Whether the recall is urgent or even if it is not, you should not wait for the repair work to be completed. Keep in mind that the NHTSA maintains recall information about a number of things, including car seats and tires, as well as various automotive equipment.

If you receive any such email or phone call and are wondering, “should I check my vehicle for recalls?”, then the answer is yes. Once you test for a recall and the result turns out to be positive, contact your vehicle dealership to know more about the next steps to be undertaken. If you live in Southern Pines, Abermarle, or Asheboro, visit the Montgomery Ford dealership in Troy, NC. 

For greater peace of mind, you can even choose to receive recall email alerts from the NHTSA by signing up at their website ( The repair work done under recall is free. So, make sure you check regularly by using the VIN Look-up Tool. 

Source: Ford