How Henry Ford Changed the World in 1908

While living in Troy, NC, it is common to come across Ford cars. We take it for granted how affordable vehicles are at the moment. At the start of the 20th century, there were only a handful of people who could purchase a car.

Expensive To Affordable

It was quite the challenge to drive vehicles belonging to this era since they were complex machines. As a result, the owners needed chauffeurs who were knowledgeable about its workings to take them around the city.

Henry Ford is a pioneer in the automobile industry, but not for reasons you might assume. He wasn’t the one who invented the car nor the assembly line. However, his vision and dream to change the automobile industry and make cars affordable, reliable, and simple were revolutionary.


Ford Motor Company was working the iconic Model T in Piquette Avenue Plant, located in Detroit. In 1908, they unveiled this legendary product to the public for an astonishing $825. During this period, people had to pay thousands of dollars to get a vehicle. Due to this reason, it was still a dream for a majority of the American public to own a four-wheeler.

However, due to the incredible pricing of the Model T, the company was able to sell more than 10000 of these models in their first year. Within 20 years, they produced over 15 million Model Ts, which is a remarkable achievement.

This car was as basic as you can imagine and came with minimal instrumentation. You had to dip a stick in the automobile’s tank and examine the wetness to check the fuel level.

Henry Ford came up with a game plan for creating an affordable means of personal transport for the public. When he was in Chicago, the efficiency of the meatpackers while doing their jobs inspired him to create the blueprint for automobile production. By 1925, he was able to bring down the price of the Model T to $260 with the implemented techniques. He also inspired and transformed the automobile sector forever.

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