Ford Launches SYNC 4!

Ford's next-generation infotainment system, known as SYNC 4, is the company's great leap forward in redefining the way you perceive entertainment in your car. SYNC 4 rivals an unlikely competitor – smartphones – in giving you personalized entertainment based on cloud computing.

Screen Size
SYNC 4 is connected over a large number of devices with varying screen sizes. It has the option of being present on multiple windows, regardless of whether you have a 5-inch screen or 15-inch screen. SYNC 4 also offers split and multi-window options, ith dash cards on larger screens for the driver's ease of access.

Adaptive AI
SYNC 4's new adaptive AI customizes content according to your needs. The infotainment system will 'learn' your likes and dislikes and will present you with information it thinks you will be interested in. 
For example, it can recommend restaurants nearby that serve your favorite cuisine or can phone your often-called contact in the case of an emergency. Ford has even suggested that upcoming versions of SYNC 4 will have personalized radio stations based on your preferences, which will pay the songs you like.

Automatic Upgrades
You do not have to upgrade your infotainment system manually anymore. With SYNC 4, Ford has removed the owner's responsibility by syncing the software directly with cloud computing. This means future models that have brake-by-wires or electronic steering do not have to worry about upgrading it, as Ford will deliver all updates directly to your car. 

Further, people that are not tech-savvy can synchronize updates with their dealership, who can update their system via the cloud.

Increased Connectivity
SYNC 4 is connected with 4G LTE, which offers live cloud connectivity across the system and provides real-time traffic updates. SYNC 4 also has a voice-activated assistant, which wakes up when you say the word 'Ford.' You will also receive a host of other connectivity options, including collaborative AppLink apps such as Ford and Alexa.

Head over to Montgomery Ford in Troy, NC, and check out the features of Ford's SYNC 4 for yourself. If you live in Abermale, Southern Pines, or Asheboro, our dealership is just a short car ride away.