What Should a Basic Ford Service Include?

A regular service is important to maintain your vehicle in excellent condition and to keep you safe on the roads. Service providers may offer different services, but you need to know if your vehicle needs them.

Ford Service in Troy

Regular car maintenance is essential to ensure your car is in perfect, working condition. While you don’t need to always schedule major, expensive checks, there are some basic services that you must do. 

When to Get A Basic Service Done? 

Basic services need to be done every six months or once your car reaches 6000 miles, whichever is earlier. This service doesn’t really cost much and can be very light on the pocket. 

Common Checks Performed During A Basic Service

Montgomery Ford Lincoln will conduct only minor modifications and top-ups in a basic car service. Your basic service should include the following: 

  • Complete change of the engine oil.
  • Replacement of the oil filter and fan belts.
  • Car battery corrosion checking and replacement (if needed). 
  • Chassis lubrication to ensure seamless movement (can be done only if the chassis isn’t sealed).
  • Inspection and top-up of all car fluids like water, oil, radiator fluid, coolants, etc. 
  • Measurement and filling of the brake fluid. 
  • Replacement of the worn-out seatbelts and tightening of belts that were not replaced. (belt buckle maintenance is also done at this stage).
  • Brake repairs to make them more responsive.
  • Inspection and replacement of the hoses. 
  • Changing the power steering wheel fluid. 
  • Emission checks – a measurement of formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, non-methane organic gases, and particulate matter. 
  • Tire checks for tears and treadwear, plus calculation and correction of tire pressure. (spare tires, if any also undergoes these checks).
  • Car light battery and bulb inspection and replacement. 
  • Complete car wash (external) – windows, windscreen, rear screen, wipers and body of the car. 
  • Car interior dusting and minor cleaning. (complete deep washing will be done only in higher-level car service).
  • Handbrake servicing. 
  • Servicing of car repair tools that were provided to the owner with the car. 
  • Child safety seat repairs. 

Any issues with the in-car technology or the body of the car do not fall under the purview of the basic service. 

The best part about having your car undergo basic servicing is that you’ll not need to get these tests done again if you’re getting a major test done on the car. To seek help finding a Ford garage in Southern Pines, Asheboro or Abermarle, call us today. 

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