Ford Ranger's Smart Seat Belt Technology Monitors Rear Seat Buckles

Most fatalities or severe injuries during car accidents occur when the passengers of the car fail to put on their seat belts. But how can you make sure that the seatbelts stay on when you’re busy focusing on driving? Ford has come with a unique solution. The 2019 Ford Ranger comes equipped with state-of-the-art Smart Seat Belt Technology, which is designed to encourage drivers to keep track of who’s buckled-up inside the car and who isn’t. 

If you’re thinking of buying a Ford Ranger in Troy NC, you’ll definitely love the Smart Seat Belt Technology. 

How does the Smart Seat Belt Technology work? 

The Ford Ranger Smart Seat Belt Technology consists of top-class sensors and a specialized innovation called the Belt Monitor. The sensors, located inside the car, analyze which seats are occupied by passengers. 

Next, these sensors identify whether that seat belt is buckled-in or not. If it isn’t, the sensors send out an alert to the Belt Monitor located near the dashboard. The driver will be signaled through a series of light and sound notifications, showing which seat, in particular, isn’t belted yet. 

A number will also be displayed on the Belt Monitor of how many people have the seatbelt on. Once someone unfastens the belt, this number reduces by one. 


One of the most significant advantages of the Smart Seat Belt Technology is that it helps you follow the track of what kids are doing in the rear seat. If your little one forgets to buckle-up the seatbelt or he removes the seatbelt during the drive, you are instantly notified on the Belt Monitor. You can next stop the car and readjust the seatbelt or evoke your little one to stay buckled-up. 

This technology is primarily valuable since it prevents drivers from having to turn around to manually check which one of their children isn't protected. Once your child puts the seatbelt back on, the Belt Monitor stops showing the alert and displays the combined number of belted people in the car. 

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