5 Features on the FordPass App to Enhance your Ford Driving Experience

Technology is great owing to the countless things it allows you to do with minimal effort. FordPass™ App, available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store, is an excellent piece of software. It enables you to carry out a variety of tasks that required multiple apps in the past. Given below are five features on the FordPass App to enhance your Ford driving experience in Southern Pines, Abermarle, or Asheboro.

1. Important Information At Your Fingertips
With the FordPass™ App, you always have access to crucial information about your car. It has service reminders, service history, and vehicle health alerts. When you need to send your Ford to the service center, you can even schedule an appointment.

2. Know Where To Stop
When going on a long journey, there's always the thought that you may not have enough fuel to make it to your destination. With the FordPass™ App, you're shown al' nearby fuel stations so that you know where to go when the need arises. You can also filter by fuel brand or grade and compare the prices at various places.

3. Quick Road-Side Assistance
When you're on the road, there's a chance that you might face a problem. For instance, you could run out of fuel or break down with a flat tire. With the FordPass™ App, this won’t be an issue anymore since you can get roadside assistance. All you need to do is place a request or make a call.

4. Remote Vehicle Control
You have complete control over your vehicle when you use the FordPass™ App. If you get SYNC® Connect, you can start and unlock your car with the press of a button. There's the option to set a schedule, which will start the vehicle as per your specifications. In other words, you can make sure your Ford is always ready to go.

5. Secure Payments On The Go
With the FordPass™ App, every parking-related transaction will only take a couple of seconds. With FordPay, you can store your debit and credit cards, which you can use to make instant payments.

The FordPass™ App is a great way to complement the driving experience. Get in touch with us to learn more about what you can do with this amazing piece of tech!