Mustang Claims Title of the Best-Selling Sports Coupe in the World

Ford Motor Company is currently celebrating 55 years of the iconic Ford Mustang, a car that remains a favorite across generations of customers. This celebration comes on the heels of the model being declared as the best-selling sports coupe in the world. The recognition is not new to Ford, with Mustang claiming this title for four years in a row. 

The Mustang also celebrated the victory of representing the best-selling sports car in the United States. In 2018 alone, Ford reported global Mustang sales to be as high as a whopping 113,066. In the USA alone, the Mustang was purchased an astounding 75,842 times. 

Although the Mustang started off as an American dream car, the company expanded the sales of the vehicle back in 2015, the response to which has been phenomenal. Ford sales data claims that the Mustang was released in a total of 146 countries as of 2018. Over half a million sixth-generation Mustangs have been sold worldwide ever since the expansion in 2015.

About Ford Mustang

The iconic Ford Mustang in Troy, NC, has come out with a fresh and dynamic new design, without compromising on the feel of the classic. The driver’s seat is built with reminiscent features of an airplane’s cockpit, giving you the much-awaited thrill of sports sedans. The sleek, lean, and low body with the stunning sporty accents and a new aerodynamic appeal is undoubtedly a jaw-dropper. 

The incredible Ford Mustang is equipped with a 5.0L V8 engine that provides incredible power and torque while on the road. The Electric Power-Assisted Steering offers utmost comfort while navigating city roads as well as highways. 

The traction in this vehicle is enhanced with driver assistance options that allow you to choose between ‘normal’, ‘snow/wet’, ‘sport’, and ‘track’ road conditions. For a thrilling drive, the model brings race-car inspired paddle gear shifts for the excitement of a manual drive with the comfort of an automated transmission. 

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