Ford Green Fuel Options

The need for Ford green fuel options has never been more paramount. Especially with oil prices surging and increased need for environmental measures. 

Alternative fuel options can be beneficial in many ways. They reduce your carbon footprint. This will have a positive impact on the atmosphere and environment at large. A green fuel option also means that we would enjoy a reduced dependence on foreign oil, i.e., the Middle East. The United States offers the most innovative fuel options. Utilizing green fuel more than oil will reduce the amount of money sent overseas.

Green Fuel Options in Troy

1. Compressed Natural Gas
This is a fossil fuel alternative to diesel and gasoline. Composed of methane and sourced in the USA. This helps to reduce our dependence on foreign oil reserves. Biologic waste and landfills is another source for CNG. They're processed by digesters, inside tanks at a temperature of up to 3,600 psi and then circulated. In case of spillage, CNG poses no danger since it dissipates with grace.

2. Propane AutoGas
Also known as liquefied propane. This is a mixture of butane, propane, and hydrocarbon gases. Ethyl mercaptan adds to the mix. It is a smelly substance that helps in its detection. Almost 90% sourced local in the United States.

3. Biodiesel
This is a vegetable oil or animal fat-based fuel source. 
Biodiesels. The retail diesel market uses a blend of conventional petrol-diesel and biodiesel fuel. 

4. Flexible Fuel Vehicles
Operates on an internal combustion system. This contains a mixture of ethanol and gasoline blends. FFVs can burn on any blend ranging from 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline or even 100% gasoline. Spark timing and fuel injection are adjustable according to the blend used. The vehicle sensors detect the particular mixture. The E85 blend is a common flexible fuel. Ford engines are set up to handle this type of fuel.

Having Ford green fuel options are the need for the future! Visit Montgomery Ford Lincoln in Troy to learn more.