Curious About the Ford Credit Card?

Auto maintenance and surprise repairs can require us to shell out more money than anticipated. Aside from incurring these unexpected costs, owning a car requires plenty of care and time invested in making sure that it runs smoothly. 

To lessen your financial burden, Ford has introduced its Ford Service Credit Card option. You will no longer need to carry your credit or debit card to the Ford service center. Not only will the Ford Service Credit Card cover the costs of all your maintenance needs, but it also comes with several other benefits in line. 

What does the Ford Service Credit Card cover?

Bring your Ford Service Credit Card along with you for any auto repairs, and you can avail any of the following services -

Tires for all makes and models of the car

Parts for both foreign and domestic vehicles

Auto accessories

Extension of service plans

Auto repair deductions

Loaner or leased vehicles

What are the benefits of the Ford Credit Card?

For starters, the application process to avail a Ford Service Credit Card is quick and easy, and the approval process is also hassle-free. Besides this, the owner of a Ford Service Credit Card can make use of other benefits - low monthly payments, no interest if paid in full within six months, a specific line of credit for all your auto needs, rebate offers for new and existing cardholders and more.

What are the financing options available?

Ford gives you two financing options that will make your job easier. You can either finance the purchases made for six months or twelve months. If you purchase services over $199, you will not be subject to interest if you pay the full amount within six months. 

If you buy services over $499, you can avoid paying interest if you repay the total purchase amount within 12 months. These options make the entire process pocket-friendly and give you time to sort out the finances over a long-term basis. 

Reach out to any of our Ford advisors and have the approval process completed within a matter of minutes. If you reside near Southern Pines, Abermarle, or Asheboro, visit Montgomery Ford in Troy, NC.