Why Buy Genuine Ford OEM Parts Over Aftermarket Parts

You are the proud owner of a Ford vehicle — but now your Ford could do with some replacements. You are tempted to go for aftermarket parts because you feel it will be cheaper. But this affordability will cost you dearly at a later date. Always select genuine Ford OEM parts for your vehicle. 

Benefits of OEM Parts

OEM parts signify parts made by the original manufacturer. In the case of Ford, the parts are manufactured by Ford specifically for Ford vehicles. The OEM parts have a lot of advantages over aftermarket parts.


You can be assured of the superior quality of the OEM parts since they are made by the original manufacturer using the same technology used to manufacture their vehicles. They undergo the same quality controls and tests as the original parts of the vehicle.

Aftermarket parts are made by different manufacturers to fit various cars. They could be of good quality, or they may fail after some time.

Easy Selection

Getting a Ford OEM part is as easy as going into a Ford dealership with your car model number and the part you need. You can be assured of getting the correct part for your car.

There are many aftermarket parts available in the market. They are priced differently and made by different manufacturers at different places. Their quality is also vastly different. Selecting the correct aftermarket part for your vehicle is difficult if you do not know automotive parts.

Correct Fit

Ford OEM parts are made for Ford vehicles. Hence they will perfectly blend in with your vehicle and provide optimum performance.

Aftermarket parts are not made with a brand in mind. The part may not fit your vehicle. You may have to modify the part to make it fit in your vehicle. If it is an exterior part, then there may be noticeable changes in colors.


Ford OEM parts are backed by a warranty. Aftermarket parts do not have a warranty.

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Source: Ford