Driving in the rain is risky, but we cant control the weather, and sometimes, we have to urgently reach our destination for personal or professional commitments. If youre not really sure how to tackle the roads when the heavens start pouring, read on as we touch on some handy tips to keep in mind for those times when you have no option but to drive in the rain.

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Buying a used car may seem like an inviting proposition, but not all used cars are worth parting with your money, no matter how affordably priced they are. When purchasing a used car from a dealership, you should be provided with a vehicle history report. Certain details in the report may be indicative of a potentially serious problem with the car and in this post, well talk about these red flags.

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If youre interested in purchasing a used car, one of the things you must remember before finalizing the purchase is to ask the car dealership for a CARFAX vehicle history report. At Montgomery Ford Lincoln, located near Southern Pines, Abermarle, and Asheboro, we provide detailed reports for every used car. In this post, well explain how you can extract the most vital information from a CARFAX vehicle history report.

Emission Records

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Fords Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) Program offers car buyers an opportunity to purchase cars at affordable prices without compromising on the warranty. Lets take a look at the various elements of Fords CPO Program in this post. For a closer look at some Ford cars under its CPO Program, visit us at Montgomery Ford Lincoln in Troy NC, located conveniently for residents across Asheboro, Abermarle, and Southern Pines.

Eligibility for Certification

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Convenience is something Ford has believed in firmly through all these years that they have been in the auto industry. From its smart car designs to excellent after-sale services, their commitment towards making the customer journey convenient is seen in everything. But lets not forget something special that the auto giant has come up withthe Ford Service credit card. 

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