Buying a used car can be a double-edged sword. You may get a good value for money deal or you may be saddled with lifelong liability if you are not careful. A car history report will give you an idea about its past. But you will have to be careful about some points which can signal imminent danger. Our Lincoln of Troy dealership can help you find a used car with great value. But for now, we list below 10 points which should alert you to any imminent danger.

1. Record of Repairs

You should be worried if the report...continue reading

Not many would know the majority of the Mustangs built since 1964 have six cylinders. It was considered the top in its class before Vee debuted in the 70s. This was 2.8 liter Cologne motor used in the second-generation Mustang II.

There is no simple answer to which is better, the Mustang EcoBoost or V6.

The die-hard Mustang Fans may want nothing less than V8. Many fans, on the other hand, ruled out the big, 435 hp Coyote V8 because of practical reasons. It is a gas-guzzler at an unaffordable price point. There are better...continue reading

Most Ford drivers hang on to their cars for a minimum of eight years. This is why many new and certified pre-owned car buyers like to purchase the Ford Edge warranty 2008 coverage.

What is the Ford Edge Extended Warranty Plan?

This coverage is designed to provide drivers in Abermale, peace of mind protection. It offers several deductibles and plans to protect you from unforeseen car repair expenses. Ford Edge warranty 2008 kicks in after the New Vehicle Limited Warranty plan expires. Ford ESP offers the following plans:...continue reading

The 2020 Ford Mustang has finally arrived in North Carolina cities Troy, Abermarle, Asheboro, and Southern Pines. It has received high ratings among all-new sports cars. It has also been ranked at the top in the list of convertibles. The 2020 Ford Mustang offers a variety of features like a high-quality engine, polished interiors, and plenty of space in the trunk.

Whats New About the 2020 Ford Mustang?

There are many new and exciting features in the 2020 Ford Mustang. The engine has been made more robust and is equipped well...continue reading

If youre interested in purchasing a vehicle in Southern Pines, then a Ford CPO option is your best bet. The biggest benefit of a CPO vehicle is that you get a new-looking car that also costs less compared to a new car.

Weve compiled a list of 10 Ford CPO questions and answers to help you understand this program.

1. Can any Ford vehicle be certified?

No. To be eligible, the pre-owned car must be less than 6 years old with no more than 80,000 miles on the odometer. It will undergo a 172-point inspection along with a CARFAX...continue reading