Ford is all set to offer the new next-generation 2021 F-150. The 2021 Ford F-150 will be made available in six different variants. It will include three different cab configurations and a hybrid for the first time and the cab configurations will include both long and short bed lengths. 

The 2021 Ford F-150 will have something on offer for everyone. Where the upscale models will offer a luxurious experience, other models, capable of towing a minimum of 13,000 pounds, will add to the utility of the vehicle.

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You are the proud owner of a Ford vehicle but now your Ford could do with some replacements. You are tempted to go for aftermarket parts because you feel it will be cheaper. But this affordability will cost you dearly at a later date. Always select genuine Ford OEM parts for your vehicle. 

Benefits of OEM Parts

OEM parts signify parts made by the original manufacturer. In the case of Ford, the parts are manufactured by Ford specifically for Ford vehicles. The OEM parts have a lot of advantages over aftermarket...continue reading

An Extended Service Plan, also called ESP in short, is extended coverage for your Ford offered by the manufacturer through authorized dealers.

As with any car, your Ford requires more maintenance as it grows older. To avoid losing a whole paycheck on one repair, we recommended buying a Ford Protect ESP that offers coverage even after the expiry of the standard warranty. Montgomery Ford Lincoln in Troy, NC is a good place to start for those in the Asheboro area.

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In this modern world where technology comes first, Ford has gone a step ahead and designed the FordPass app. This FordPass app was developed for drivers and passengers of any Ford vehicle to use and make their journeys easier and blissful. There are numerous benefits that this app offers that help drivers gain more control over the road as well as enjoy their ride. Plus, the FordPass app is available for both Android and Apple devices to download from their respective app stores. Heres why you should download the FordPass...continue reading

Owning a Ford vehicle is an exciting thing considering its vehicles are some of the best ones on the road currently. With top-notch performance and stellar technology features, Ford offers very convenient drives. When you continue to use your Ford vehicle, it is bound to be in need of upkeep and repairs. This is where genuine Ford parts or OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts come into play. 

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