The new Ford MachE and the Tesla Model Y are both electric vehicles that will be stepping into the automobile market for sale in 2020. Tesla has so far been the last word on EVs. Can the Ford MachE break Teslas hegemony in the electronic vehicle segment? We are yet to find out. However, you can look at our comparison of both these vehicles below.

Ford MachE vs Tesla Model Y

Size While not much is known about the Tesla Model Ys exact specifications, its body is supposed to be modelled after Teslas...continue reading

Montgomery Ford in Troy, NC, is the Troy Ford Dealership you ought to visit if you are in or around Southern Pines, Abermarle, or Asheboro. It is among the most dependable Ford Dealerships in Troy, NC, and only located at a short drive from these neighborhoods.

If you wish to pick up a Ford vehicle, you can easily do so by dropping into our Troy Ford Dealership. You will be amazed at the deals and discounts that we have to offer. There are many reasons why youd want to own a Ford car, but...continue reading

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An Entire Range of Models to Choose From

The 2020 Ford Ranger comes in various trims. You can choose from the 2020 Expedition XLT, 2020 Expedition XLT Max, 2020 Expedition Limited,...continue reading

The subcompact class of cars is a staple in the American market. Buyers opt for these vehicles as they are easier to navigate on the road, providing a mileage that is optimal for both road and highway conditions.

Honda joined the subcompact market in 2007 with the Fit. Ford, conversely, joined the class late with the high-brand Fiesta. Both have their unique points that make them stand out from the crowd.

Ford Fiesta

The first look of the Fiesta will endear you to the car, as the vehicle is stylish, to say the least....continue reading

When you must repair your Ford in Southern Pines, Abermarle, or Asheboro, every garage will ask you this question Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or aftermarket parts? Are there any differences between the two?

Lets take a closer look at OEM Ford parts and aftermarket parts in to understand more about which one to purchase:

OEM Ford Parts

As the name suggests, OEM Ford parts come from the American manufacturer, which means that you wont have to worry about the quality of these accessories. They provide...continue reading