Americans are in love with SUVs, which have now become top sellers in the US. Such is the shift in buyer preference that Ford Motor Company has even gone to the extent of shutting its sedan manufacturing activities - opting instead to focus on SUV production only. These large and rugged vehicles are certainly a great option. Read on to find out more about 2020 SUVs worth waiting for.

X7 from BMW

BMW and its X7 is one of the most amazing SUVs to come out in 2020. It has three rows and features all-wheel drive (a...continue reading

If you are thinking about buying a used car, then you could either opt for a Used car or a Certified Pre-owned (CPO) car. The main difference between the two kinds of vehicles is that while most Used cars undergo a dealer backed inspection, a Certified Pre-owned vehicle undergoes a rigorous manufacturer-backed inspection before it is certified pre-owned.

This means that if you find a Ford vehicle that is certified as pre-owned, it underwent a thorough inspection by Ford Motor Company's specially assigned technicians...continue reading

The entire world has been affected by the ill effects of the coronavirus pandemic. Economies around the world have been disrupted, and the stock markets are going up and down in a very erratic manner. All this economic upheaval has harmed the car market. The only good news is that world economies are just starting to reopen. So, should you wait for the economy to restart or just go out and buy a car in these troubled times? Read on to know more about coronavirus and cars.

Lower Car Sales

The first thing that strikes you...continue reading

If you need replacement parts for your Ford, whether your vehicle is old or new, the best way to ensure that you find a compatible Ford part that is both durable and does not affect your car's warranty is if you opt for genuine OEM Ford parts in Troy, NC. 

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. Any vehicle part or accessory that is marked with an OEM from Ford was made by Ford for its own line of vehicles. An added advantage here is that not only do you get your car's manufacturer's assurance...continue reading

There is nothing to worry about when you find out that your vehicle is under recall. The process is simple, and it happens quite often. We all know about the Ford recall check that made all the headlines not so long ago. It is not uncommon for an automaker to send a recall notice through email, snail mail, or even over the phone. Read on if you want to know how to check if your vehicle is under recall.

Check for Recalls

A vehicle recall happens whenever the automaker or the NHTSA (National...continue reading